High Tech Health Announces Superior Detox Supplements

High Tech Health introduces the most advanced set of detoxification supplements you can buy.

Contributing to a Better World

High Tech Health is the first and only sauna company, or water ionizer company, to be carbon neutral! Read more about how High Tech Health contributes to a better world.

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Are You Toxic?

Do you have any of the following symptoms?



 Muscle pain


 Joint Pain 


 Metallic Taste in the Mouth

 Mood Swings 


 Digestive Problems /
Irregular bowel movements or diarrhea



 Inability to Gain or Lose Weight


 Brain Fog / Poor Concentration

 Trouble sleeping / Restless sleep

 Burning Skin 

 Nervousness / Feelings of Instability

 Chemical Sensitivities

 Poor Dexterity 

 Cold Hands & Feet


 Memory Loss 

 Night Sweats 


 Systemic pain / General Discomfort 

 Persistent sadness / Loss of Interest in Life


 General Malaise/ Feeling Sick All Over 

 Dark Circles Under the Eyes 

 Frequent Colds or Flu 

 Food Sensitivity / Acute sense of smell 



Many of these symptoms can turn into more serious conditions if toxicity is left untreated.


If you have any of the above symptoms, you may have chemical or heavy metal toxicity and should consider detoxification using High Tech Health poplar saunas, and related therapy.