Hardy H. 

I am very pleased to confirm to you what I told you on the phone today. We were very impressed with the way you packaged and shipped the Sauna. It arrived in perfect condition, in the time frame you indicated, and the assembly was a breeze. Everything fit perfectly, down to the last millimeter. The fit couldn't have been any better, and the instructions were very easy to use and they were complete.


We have begun to use the sauna and love every minute of it. It is easy to use, easy to adjust time and temperature. It is comfortable in all respects. I had been dreaming about a sauna for a number of years, and I never thought it would be so easy (and relatively inexpensive) to have one in my own home. And then even a better one than I had been thinking about. I had envisioned building a regular Finnish sauna, but having researched the infrared sauna a bit before I ordered it, I am now so pleased that I did not stick with the traditional.


I know we will never have another cold or flu again, after using the sauna.


Thank you so much for providing me with such a great experience. I wish all of American business would take a page out of your book on how to run a business and fully satisfy your customers.


Hardy H., New Hampshire