Lee H. 

I truly have been blessed having been able to hook up and work with you. Before I received your water filter and more recently your wonderful infrared sauna, my prostate cancer which was pretty severe with metastases, had stayed in check but had not shown any evidence of decreasing in intensity. Now that I have been using both appliances and especially the infrared sauna, my cancer appears to be going into a remission state. 


I am eternally grateful. Please see the attached pages from Sloan Kettering showing the results of the most recent CAT Scan and bone scan as evidence that I am making progress against this disease. I want to shout out to those who are similarly afflicted with cancer 'Don't hesitate to use this sauna, its wonderful!'


Oh yes, I also had severe colitis for five months, which the infrared has also seemed to


Very truly yours,
Lee H.
New York, NY