Shirley W. 

After six years of treatment with specialists for rheumatoid arthritis, fihromyalgia and connective tissue disease, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I ached all over, felt as though I had the flu continually, had symmetrical joint inflammation (as revealed by nuclear medicine, complete body bone scan), brain fog, short term memory loss, inability to form complete sentences or make decisions, chronic fatigue, metallic taste in my mouth, extreme chemical sensitivities, unable to lose weight, cold hands and feet, night sweats, unexplained and everlasting "bruises" which were mercury tattoos and insomnia, just to name the predominant symptoms. Each specialist wanted to treat only the symptoms of their particular field of practice. 


A hair analysis confirmed elevated levels of mercury. The pursuit for better health began with a "strengthen your body" protocol before mercury amalgam removal could commence. A combination of blood tests revealed a severely suppressed immune system, underactive thyroid and underactive adrenals. With a subsequent urinalysis, I was declared "legally mercury poisoned."


Three months later, the mercury amalgams were removed from 22 teeth as recommended by my dentist. I began the detox protocol including supplements and homeopathic remedies, herbal drainers, bath soaks, intravenous vitamin C and oral DMPS. That 6- month process was slow, therefore the protocol was changed to weekly intravenous DMPS to chelate the mercury from deep within my soft tissue. Following another four long months, my count dropped by only one, but the mercury tattoos were no longer visible on my face and leg. Expressing my frustrations with the expense and the pace, my doctor recommended High Tech Health's far infrared sauna, stating it would also help with the removal of the other heavy metals, as revealed in my most recent urine challenge test. 


Wanting to conduct my own experiment as to the validity of your testimonials, I discontinued all DMPS treatments. After 3 weeks of daily use of the sauna, my face, neck, chest and scalp erupted with hundreds of red breaks in the skin's surface. The largest organ of excretion could no longer handle the toxic levels. After an additional 3 weeks' use, another urinalysis revealed an astonishing fact. My previously elevated levels of mercury and aluminum were no longer detectable! Additionally, my lead levels were significantly reduced. I anticipated the mercury reduction, since I could no longer smell that very distinct odor in the urine. The added bonus of removing the aluminum and the reduction of lead levels, saved an additional chelating process.


The report was such a significant improvement, my medical doctor wrote, "Great!! We may be able to stop treatment soon."


You could not have a more satisfied client. After 6 years of chronic illness, it was good to have my life back. My husband and two young children are glad to have me happy and lively again. Thirty pounds lighter, I no longer have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or connective tissue disease. I feel a thousand times better, and continue to process years of personal and household backlog. For the first time in my life, I am thrilled that I can jog up to 2 miles, three times a week. It has been six long years since I have had seemingly endless energy, mental clarity and the desire to run, jump, sing and play!


Thank you for your truly wonderful product.


Shirley W., Pennsylvania