Our son was six years old and diagnosed with mercury poisoning in January. In March, we purchased a poplar Infrared Sauna from High Tech Health. We put our son in it every day. We started at a half hour each day set at 110 degrees, then worked up to 30 minutes at 130 degrees. He was under a doctor’s care during the process.


After three months, we tested our son’s mercury level. Much to the doctor’s amazement and our own, the mercury was out of his central nervous system. I did not need a medical test to tell me this. I could see the changes in my son!


Before the mercury was addressed, his receptive language skills were so bad he could not even follow a simple command such as “shut the door”. I began to take note when he would follow through with every series of commands that I gave him, without hesitation. I realized that he was fully receptive when he was laughing at adult humor on TV.


This opened up a new world for him. The stage he been set so that learning could take place and optimum results achieved from other therapies explored. He is now eight years old and in second grade. He is able to read, spell and write. He has good math skills as well. His expressive language skills have developed to where he can tell us his needs, and he is now starting to share his feelings.


We will continue to work on his neuro-receptors and see changes every day. We still use the sauna for maintenance two or three times per week.


Salem, Michigan