Alan C. 

The concept and use of the far infrared (FIR) sauna in health and disease was unknown to me until November of 2003. After 30 years of medical practice in family medicine and emergency services (and despite lecturing on alternative and complimentary medicine as a hobby), I was enthralled by the mention of FIR during an autism treatment conference in Dallas, Texas. My son, age 8, had been recently diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. Not satisfied with psychiatric explanations and drug treatments, I sought the science and recommendations from such groups as "Defeat Autism Now!" for answers.

The mention of FIR for detoxification of heavy metals by the presenter at this conference sparked my quest for more information. Other members at this meeting were already aware of this therapy and pointed me to for more information. Pouring through a myriad of scientific publications listed on the site quickly convinced me that this was a therapeutic approach to more than just heavy metal toxicity. It wasn't long thereafter that we set up our three-person sauna unit. My son would require a gentle metal chelation and this would be a safe method. After slowly getting used to the sauna, I'm currently using it for him just about every day. A typical session lasts for 30 minutes at a temperature ranging between 123-128° F. I keep a TV set outside the door playing one of his DVDs to keep him entertained. He can see and hear it from inside the sauna.

Additionally, my wife and I found immediate benefits for our own health. My wife is using FIR to supplement her Atkins diet and she is losing about 1 pound per day using the combination. I'm using it as a supplement to my martial arts conditioning and we are all using it for the detoxification. It's also a great way to promote natural sleep at night. It was apparent that we needed to share this technology with my wife's parents who lived 700 miles away. We purchased a two-person model for them and set it up during the early part of our summer vacation.

Since my introduction to this unique treatment, I have continued to lecture and write articles on its benefits, including a four part series on my local health information radio program in Springfield, Missouri.

Alan C., M.D., Missouri