Laurie Q. 

I’ve wanted to write this letter for quite some time but with 3 little boys to care for, as well as a psychotherapy practice, it's been difficult to find time. As you know, our middle son, Alex, was diagnosed with autism almost 2 years ago (he is now 4).His symptoms occurred immediately after receiving 7 shots in one day. As you know, thimerosol (methyl mercury) was used until just recently as a preservative in childhood immunizations. Initially, we knew nothing about the link between this neurotoxin and autism. However, after many months of desperately searching for help for our son, we suspected mercury poisoning. Not surprisingly, his heavy metal testing came back off the charts. This was no surprise to my husband and I who agonized as we watched our baby slowly disappear.


Since our initial diagnosis in January, Alex got progressively worse with each new day, avoiding eye contact, no longer speaking, and flapping his hands. It was truly devastating. My husband and I researched over a thousand hours trying to find a treatment for autism. The most promising was chelation therapy, which removes the heavy burden of metals from a child's body.


The "predisposition" many "autistic" kids have is a poor detoxification system. My husband and I had tried EVERYTHING!!! We spent thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket since most are not covered by insurance. (Supplements, gluten tree foods, injections, etc.) We used DMSA as a chelating agent for 7 trials and, though it did remove some of the metals, it caused my son a myriad of other problems in side effects. Enough was enough! I was at the lowest point of my life as I watched my precious little boy suffer day after day crying with stomach pain, and a host of other maladies.


By the grace of God, we somehow discovered HIGH TECH HEALTH and the infrared sauna last year. In the beginning of May we began to use it with Alex a few times a week. In the first two weeks, we were very consistent with the sauna and we began to see changes in our son. His ABA therapist and his speech therapist both said he was having a "breakthrough during those 2 weeks." During the summer, we were not as active with the sauna as we should have been because we were continuing the DMSA and were not sure if we should do both.


To make a long story short, in the past month we have had Alex in the sauna for 40 minutes a day at 130 degrees. My son's autistic "symptoms" are disappearing! He is no longer looking away; he is seeking us out, saying hundreds of words, and very rarely flaps his hands!!!! We are getting our baby back again! In addition, in the short time I've been doing the sauna with Alex, my ADHD symptoms, which I've had all my life, are disappearing as well!


I am 100% convinced that stored toxins/ heavy metals are what cause disease/disorders. I'm sure the pharmaceutical companies will love to hear this! I hope you put each and every one of them out of business! Thank you for your wonderful sauna. I believe if every household had one, we would be a very healthy country.


With much gratitude,

Laurie Q.