Jina M. 

I promised you a letter over a month ago. It was a promise I intended to keep. Here is my story:

In April of 1999 I was diagnosed as having Heavy Metal Poisoning, more specifically, Mercury Toxicity. It was a new diagnosis following many others such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, allergies, migraines, and EDS. I was totally unfamiliar with the mercury problem my doctor was suggesting, but I read everything I could find on the subject. That was difficult with all of the brain fog I was experiencing at the time! The mercury had compromised my body. I was not strong enough to handle the accepted medical procedure for this problem that was injections of a substance known as DMPS. He offered me some supplements and vitamin C that would act as Chelators to.assist my body in ridding it of the mercury toxins. At the same time I was following the protocol for having all the amalgams removed from my teeth. The dentist was also making sure the crowns that I already had were compatible with my system.


Feeling frustrated with my situation that only seemed to be improving by millimeters, I contacted a Homeopathic doctor in Connecticut. That is where I was encouraged to seek sauna treatments; more specifically, Dr. Klass recommended the infra-red sauna because of the healthier lower heat levels with the infra-red saunas that the traditional saunas couldn't offer. Two days later, I called you.

I started using the Thermal Life Sauna around the first of October. I used our sauna daily as I was told that would help me the most in ridding the body of toxins. Other than a couple of supplements taken daily, the sauna was the only active way that I was able to pursue my problem. I was aware that something was working since I was told that if I detoxed too quickly I could feel worse. Often I did feel worse, but by adjusting the amount of time spent in the sauna daily, I was able to eliminate most of the negative effects.


By the first of December my physician was ready to try the DMPS treatments. I had told my doctor of the sauna, and surprisingly he ordered one shortly after my visit since I had brought all the information on it with me to share with him. But he was unfamiliar with the efficiency or with anyone who had tried going the sauna route before me. Two weeks after my first injection, I was scheduled to have a second. The doctor asked if I would have the challenge test done again to see what the level of mercury was; stating that he would hate to see me continue having the DMPS if I didn't need it. It was my belief that he really wanted to have some measurement of what, if anything, the sauna had had on my condition. I agreed to the challenge test.


Finally we have reached the end of the story! The results came back that I was Mercury free, well, almost. An acceptable level in the body is a number lower than a three, and mine was a 2.2. Both the doctor and I were truly amazed! THERE WAS NOTHING THAT I HAD DONE EXCEPT THE SAUNA FOR THE PREVIOUS THREE MONTHS! It had to be the infrared sauna treatments that mobilized the mercury in my body and assisted in its removal.


I am thrilled. I feel much better. I was told that the DMPS treatments would cost the same as a small car! So I saved thousands of dollars in a treatment that would not only prove very effective, but now gives me a wonderful way for my husband and I to relax and to enjoy the benefits of for many years to come. You said it was a great product and I know that to be a great TRUTH. Thanks from the heart for being a part of a product that really gave more than I thought I could ever have hoped for!

Jina M., Maine