Sue H. 

You are probably acquainted with the old story about the cobbler's children who went without shoes? That story and others like it kept turning over in my mind as I searched for a strategy to restore my failing health. How could it be that a person who helped link so many clients access necessary resources have such difficulty doing that for herself? 


Understand, this was not a poor me attitude! For many years during my career as a social worker (83-95) my mainstay for health maintenance was weekly acupuncture to address primarily fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. These progressively worsened despite the best efforts of myself and the skilled practitioners treating me. When the effects of the acupuncture no longer restored energy or pain relief, I became alarmed. Weight loss and numerous food allergies triggered insomnia and depression. This in addition to trying to heal a spinal disc (c7) herniation which left me without full range of motion of my right arm; I had elected to forego surgical intervention. Without elaborating further, add to the above insufficiency conditions (severe pituitary and adrenal insufficiency); without benefit of relief of pain and endorphin lift I tried to muster enough hope to reach out for help from a doc who wanted to take on my challenge.


Let me "cut to the chase" re: the critical interventions which led me back to renewed good health.


I had the opportunity of working with two exceptional physicians who kept me at the center of the decision making in their treatment planning. Both physicians practice Integrative Medicine, for which I am grateful; their insight into combining the best of traditional medicine with leading edge complementary strategies facilitated the healing process, allowing me to cut the prognosis for healing from one year to approximately four months. I could not believe fine tuning with balancing endocrine, -musculoskeletal, and primarily gastro-intestinal system could happen in that short timeframe. A third professional provided the synergy (traditional acupuncture); this treatment directed the healing energy body-wide.


In follow-up after reaching stability in my recovery, one of the integrative medicine docs recommended my use of the far infrared sauna to help me continue the detoxification from heavy metal, (mercury), in order to assure my adrenals were not doing overtime compensating for chemical overload. I noticed an immediate feeling of wellbeing; within three sessions in the sauna my energy, mood and metabolic rate had improved. Further, since Far lnfrared use, I have not been to an acupuncturist! The sauna continues to act as the frosting on the cake potentiator amplifying the positive effects of the other aspects of effective treatment mentioned earlier.

Sue H.