Rusty M. 

I am writing this letter in reference to the use of your Far Infrared Sauna for detoxification of heavy metals. I personally have been dealing with an excess of body aluminum with contamination for a period of time of over two years. The results have been monitored via hair analysis using the highest quality equipment available. Many experts believe that the aluminum levels should be less than 7 micrograms per gram of hair; whereas my initial levels were 197 microgram per gram, literally off the charts.


Aluminum is one of the most difficult metals to remove from the body tissues so this extreme level presented quite a challenge. A protocol of nutritional supplements was initiated and eventually sauna therapy, with corresponding aluminum levels going down as follows:


Feb. 1999 197 level
Oct. 1999 44 level
Feb. 2000 19 level
June 2000 23 level
Nov. 2000 13 level
Jan. 2001 7 level


The Far Infrared Sauna Therapy was initiated approximately Nov. 1999 and the levels of aluminum continued to come down. As of Nov. 2000 they were still not in the normal range and I was advised to undergo approximately 30 treatments in 30 days. These were done at 130 degrees for 40-50 minutes per. The nutritional supplements that were used during this time, as well as previously, were selenium, silicon, magnesium maleate, cilantro and others. The hair analysis result at the end of this 30 day protocol showed a normal level of aluminum in the hair (less than 7 micrograms per gram). It also showed lower levels of antimony, arsenic, bisthmus, cadmium, lead, mercury and silver from the previous hair analysis of Nov. 2000. This reduction of these toxic metals, and the normalization of the aluminum level can distinctly be attributed to the intense 30 days of Far Infrared Sauna.


Thanks, High Tech Health, yours is a great product that has worked exactly as I hoped it would.


Rusty M., Georgia