Jon P. 

Good to talk to you again yesterday about the benefits of the poplar Thermal Life Sauna. This letter is meant to summarize my wife's experience using the sauna to help eliminate her chemical toxicity.


You may recall our initial conversation last April regarding her symptoms: severe burning and sensitivity on her skin that started out under her upper arms, spreading gradually to the small of her back, one hip, inner thighs, upper back, and armpits. She mentioned to you that she never perspires, not even on the hottest days and does not even have to use a deodorant. You suggested chemical toxicity and inquired around with your sources that supported that diagnosis. You recommended the sauna to promote the necessary detox through the skin to eliminate the toxicity.


We ordered the sauna and she started to use it immediately, every day at first, at low temps for up to 30 minutes. I also started her on chlorella, and a Chinese herbal liver formula to further aid in detox. She gradually built up the temp until she could perspire freely during each session. The most noticeable areas of perspiration being at those very areas where she had the pains! All symptoms were eliminated within one to two weeks as I recall, and she still uses the sauna three times each week as maintenance.


She and I are most pleased to endorse your products and solicit your advice on health matters.


Jon P.