Shipping & Delivery

Sauna ready to ship

Our saunas typically ship within 2 or 3 days of your order and take 7 to 9 working days to reach pretty much anywhere in the continental United States.


We can ship a sauna to you virtually anywhere in the world. We have customers in more than 25 countries that enjoy their Thermal Life saunas.


All units are shipped pre-paid freight by truck from Los Angeles, California, by a major carrier. The carrier will telephone you to arrange a date and time for delivery. They will deliver your sauna curb-side (many freight companies will not even bring a delivery into a garage for insurance reasons).


Your sauna will be delivered as two boxes on a pallet. The shipment is insured, so you should inspect the boxes at the time of delivery. They are packaged to withstand standard shipping, so if the boxes looked roughed up a bit that is okay. If there is an obvious hole and you can feel damage to the sauna within, you should reject the shipment and call us immediately.


Since the boxes will be heavy, we recommend you un-box them where they were delivered and carry them in piece-by-piece to the location you want your new sauna to be. We very strongly suggest you put your new sauna inside. A sauna that is convenient to use will be used much more often. It is possible to place one outside, but you will need a location that is not susceptible to wet weather and you will need to purchase a canvas cover (sold separately) to protect it.