Diane U. 

I wanted to send you my testimony of my Cat Duke and how he no longer has Cystitis because of your pH water filter product.


Here's my story: I have a Mainecoon cat named Duke, who, has for several years been afflicted with feline Cystitis. I have had Duke treated for Feline Cystitis with several Vets while living and all the treatments were the same: Antibiotics with a canned food that you can only get from the Vet, that my cat hated to eat.


None of the Vets could give me any information regarding a solution, so I started researching on the Internet for Feline Cystitis and what could be my alternative treatments. I found a wonderful information page that stated that my cat’s system may be too acidic where it is easy for crystal to form in his urinary tract, so If I could place enough fresh filtered water around the house and keep him hydrated it may help.


A friend of mine was staying with me for the winter and he had brought with him a AKAI Water Filter that specifically had a PH filter incorporated in it and when my cat Duke started drinking this water, his cystitis ceased to exist! It has been 2 years now and Duke has NEVER had Feline Cystitis ever again! I mentioned it to my Vet in Palm Desert and she was very interested in my success.


More Vets need to hear about this for their other customers that may be continually suffering from Feline Cystitis.


Duke and I want to Thank High Tech Health for your water filter and we look forward to being a customer for a lifetime!


Diane U., California