I would like to thank High Tech Health for providing a markedly reliable water filtration system.


I purchased the Akai MS-900UV unit last year after a friend of mine who is very technical and research-minded related that he had purchased the unit after painstakingly sifting through all the marketing for water filtration systems. In that conversation, he explained to me that the basic process for purifying water is the same but the distinctive feature of the Akai is the ability to regulate the pH of the water. This was important to me since I enjoy coffee and I was experiencing some issues with my stomach due to "acid reflux" which can be aggravated by an acidic level in the body often caused by diet and other factors. The knowledge that I could reduce the pH in my water by using the Akai gave me a measure of control in this area.


I am pleased to report to you that I have had the water filtration system a year and continue to enjoy drinking water that does not taste like chlorine. At a dinner party recently, my guests remarked at the great taste of the water and also the coffee they were drinking that was made using the same filtered water. They happen to know the friend who recommended the unit to me initially. He has a reputation for procuring high quality products in general and is intelligent concerning consumer purchases and other matters. The results observed by me and others along with what led me to purchasing unit adds weight to the wisdom of my purchase. So, you may have some new orders soon!


I am grateful that someone I trust recommended the unit since there are numerous advertisements that can be difficult to sift through effectively. I would like to relate that I have found it to be exactly what I expected and have never had any issues. It has paid for itself since I now refill water bottles and this, in turn, helps the environment. It is also more convenient not to purchase heavy cases of bottled water or have some type of delivery service. I can say it is an important contribution to my health and enjoyment level of tea and coffee beverages. My satisfaction level is exceeding.


Columbus, Ohio