Dick & Nancy D. 

Several years ago, my wife and I became aware of the health benefits of pure water. We had become increasingly concerned about the contaminants in the municipal water supply. We felt betrayed when we learned that the source of some bottled water was stated on the label to be "PWS", or Public Water Supply.


My wife needs very pure water due to a disease, which, many years ago, began its irreversible attack on her liver.


After doing extensive research on these subjects and water purification devices, we purchased our AKAI Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health, Inc. We are absolutely delighted with this machine.


The Ionizer Plus produces very pure water very quickly. We drink the alkali water as our only water intake. We also use the alkali water for teas and food preparation. We find that the machine removes odor, chlorine taste, sediments and other contaminants from the city water supply.


We are very pleased with the water that the Ionizer Plus produces. We are convinced that the combination of the ultraviolet light, the filtering feature and the ionization process produces superior water.


We store our alkali water in 1 gallon glass containers and noticed that they do not harbor bacteria and mold growth.


The acid water is used for our many house plants and they are thriving...so much so that we have gone through several cycles of transplantation to larger containers.


We would recommend the Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health, Inc. to anyone who wants to benefit from pure water.


Dick & Nancy D., N. Carolina