Mr. and Mrs. J. 


In reference to your Akai water Ionizer the product is the best thing I have personally used in 40 years. This thing is a DREAM! My wife Adriana has been battling Stage IV Breast Cancer which is metastatic in nature (In the bone), as was our practitioner who suggested the product after she was using it for a while.


What the Akai Water Ionizer has done has been to provide a "far superior product" than any out there in the market place. Ian provided exceptional customer service answering way more than we expected him to regarding the product. I will admit of course I was skeptical, when discussing this with Ian. Seeing is believing though. I personally started using the machine with my wife and we followed the protocol, actually taking a little longer to allow the acclimation period to work.


I am confident when I say that this is part of the puzzle in my wife's fight against this terrible cancer. The water produced from the Akai unit consistently/dependably produces an exceptional/pleasing to the palette/beneficial to the body "water" loaded with all the good things that even the best waters lack in the market place. Nothing else even comes close to what the unit does for our energy levels and body. I always fight hard to keep the weight off as the U.S. Navy measures us every 6 months. This is very serious as my wife would lose her benefits if I were kicked out of the military due to something like a "body-fat issue" so this water provides a component for me that has assisted me coming down from 202 to 186 currently and dropping. My goal is a nice trim 180. I am a Chef, what can I say! Seriously though, as much pain as my wife is in and the role this ionizer has and continues to play with respect to her much more serious health issue is highly prized.


We will continue to use the machine and enjoy it's benefits and highly encourage folks to see Ian on their purchase. Just look at the value. There are machines that may cost way more but I would put the Akai against them any day of the week or year! We use the acidified water for the plants and they thrive. We are at level 3 now and pretty comfortable there. Use it to cook with on strongest setting and know we are getting the best quality water vs. something loaded with  chlorine and bad things for you! I feel like a "scientist" with the education I have received here from Ian and the staff. Jill and Vicki have also been a delight and very professional/helpful with all concerns. Our thank you to the president/owner of the company. I may even decide to buy another Akai water machine for our lake place. My wife feels more energy and is enjoying a great product to help alkalinize her body therefore NOT provide a great environment for this cancer. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Mr. and Mrs. J., Texas