Colleen and Dale W. 

This is the 1st time in over 15 years that my face around my chin doesn't have a rash of some sort over the winter months. I have gone to a dermatologist, used creams and done tanning on my face. I have had red itching patches on my head and behind my ears. This all would start as soon at the heat is turned on every winter.


Since using the AKAI water filter/ionizing system my skin is clear all year long. I use a gallon water jug put it in my bath water to heat it up and when I'm going to get out of the tub I pour the water over my head and body. In the late afternoon I wash my face and use cotton balls with the acidic water as an astringent on my face and hair line.

My husband and I love the taste of the water and I am thrilled with the results all over my body. I also have firm stools for the 1st time a long time.


I just got back from a facial and they asked what problems I have with my skin. For the 1st time in 50 years (and this has never come out of my mouth before) "My skin is perfect I don't have any problems, No it is perfect!" I could not believe that came out of my mouth. They had to say that my skin and hair was perfect and I had to tell why. Because of the water!!!!



Thank you
Colleen and Dale W., Minnesota