Julie B. 


As you know, I had been drinking Kangen water for about 9 months (my neighbor has the Kangen system and I would fill up jugs and buy from her). I could tell the difference pretty quickly in how I was feeling by drinking water with a higher alkaline balance. After 9 months of drinking the Kangen my neighbor informed me that she wanted to preserve the "shelf life" of her unit and would not be supplying me with any more water, but I could sign up under her (MLM plan) and get my own. This caused me to search out water systems before I made the plunge of buying the Kangen.


I came across your site and was immediately drawn to the Akai. The first thing I liked was that it has the UV light for disinfection (the Kangen does not); your products are not a part of an MLM scheme, and you're located here in the States.


Once I got your unit and started drinking the water I knew immediately I made the right choice. The water tastes so much better, it's easy to set up and use, it is way more "user friendly" than the Kangen, the number of doctors and clinics that use this system was impressive, and again, I was never pressured by you or anyone from High Tech to buy the unit. I use the acidic (5.0) water for a final rinse in my hair and shower and it is amazing how much smoother and softer my skin and hair is -I love the results!


As far as customer service, when I have a few questions or need help, you or someone from your company are quick to provide service and help me in any way. I would be happy to be a reference for anyone who is trying to decide between the Kangen and your product as I know, after experiencing both, that the Akai is a superior product.


Thank you again for all your help and I am SO HAPPY that I bought the Akai.


Julie B., Texas