Jerry and Lisa K. 

I thought you might be interested in some test results we recently got back from Tennessee Tech. University in Cookeville, Tennessee. Several months ago, when we moved here to the farm that my husband grew up on in Monticello, we had our water tested using a national water testing service out of Michigan. The results indicated that we had no pesticide run-off or other contaminants in our water. From what we'd been told by an environmental consultant, we needed to use a closer lab, one to which we could deliver a water sample within a couple of hours, to get a reliable indication of coliform or e.coli contamination. He recommended Tennessee Tech.


Initially, our water showed unacceptably high levels of coliform. So we did a bit of research and decided to buy the Akai Water Ionizer Plus from High Tech Health. We'd bought a sauna from you a couple of years earlier, and were pleased with that, so we decided to do business with you again.


We used the Ionizer Plus on our kitchen sink, and bought an expensive whole house water filter for the rest of the house. In May, just for our own information, we had the water retested at Tennessee Tech. to see how effectively both systems eliminated the coliform problem. We took one sample from the well site, to test the water before it went through either filtration system, then took a sample from the bathroom sink, which would measure how well the whole house water filter was doing, and finally, took a sample from the kitchen sink, where the water is filtered by the Ionizer Plus.


And we're sending you the results. "B" represents the bathroom sink sample, "W" represents the well sample, and KSP represents the water at the kitchen sink, run through the Ionizer Plus. Obviously, we're NOT so pleased with our expensive whole house filter. We are very pleased with what the Ionizer Plus results show, and we thought you might be happy, too. We can't help but think of the old adage "you get what you pay for.” Obviously that doesn't always hold true. Sometimes you get far less than what you pay for, but in the case of High Tech Health, we feel that we've consistently gotten more. . . a rare thing in today's market.. So we are more than a little grateful, and just wanted you to know.


All best,
Jerry and Lisa K., S. Carolina