High Tech Health - The Ionizer Plus - Health Benefits

Health Benefits of the Ionizer Plus

The advanced Ionizer Plus™ combines micro-filtration, ultraviolet treatment, and electrolysis in a single machine capable of producing antioxidant alkaline drinking water as well as acidic water. The unit switches from alkaline to acidic water with the touch of a button. Experts in the medical community and regular users of the Ionizer Plus have reported the following benefits and uses for each type of water.


Improvement in the following conditions have been noted after drinking alkaline-ion water:



 Malabsorption of nutrients

 Abnormal gastro-intestinal fermentation

 Better athletic performance


 Chronic fatigue


 Acidic body chemistry


 Chronic diarrhea




 Chronic constipation



 High blood pressure







 Poor circulation

 Increased stabilized oxygen




 Leg cramps











Acidic-ion water (for external use) can be useful for the following:





Cleaning fruits and vegetables

Dry rough skin

Throat discomfort

Athlete's foot

Mouth sores

Insect bites




Minor wounds