A sauna cannot be "low EMF" unless it also minimizes RF.  RF is high frequency emissions that come from ALL digital electronics, but especially intentional radiators, such as devices that broadcast communications signals such as cell phones, and Bluetooth and Wifi radios (see Understanding EMF for more information). Experts consider minimizing RF exposure to be equally as important as minimizing exposure to the 2 other kinds of EMF.


High Tech Health saunas have no transmitters (such as Bluetooth or wifi radios).


High Tech Health saunas have digital electronics that are certified to be safe from unintentionally RF emissions.


Beware.  Despite the necessity of addressing RF, virtually all saunas claiming to be “low EMF” (and “ultra low EMF”, and “no EMF”) have not been tested for unintentional radiation of RF energy, and in many cases even include a Bluetooth or Wifi radio!  If EMF is important to you, NEVER buy a sauna from a company that does not address all three kinds of EMF (see Understanding EMF for more information).



There are Two Ways Saunas Can Expose You to RF Energy

Saunas sometimes have Bluetooth or Wifi transmitters.


Beware of companies claiming their product is low EMF, yet for some reason include Bluetooth or Wifi in their product — this reflects a poor understanding of EMF.


High Tech Health saunas have no Bluetooth or Wifi transmitters.


2) All digital electronics unintentionally radiates RF energy.

The United States (and every other government) require by law that digital electronics be tested and shown to be free from unintentional transmission of RF.  The purpose of this requirement is so that communications are not affected (this is the primary reason why airlines used to require that all electronics were turned off during takeoff and landing).  Fortunately, for those who care about the potential health impact of EMF exposure, the limits placed on unintentional broadcasting require the power levels to be very very low.


Beware: Companies are required to have their products tested for RF, however, virtually no sauna companies comply with this law!  When buying a low EMF sauna, always ask for evidence that RF has been addressed in the product.


High Tech Health’s saunas are certified to be safe from unintentional RF emissions.  You can read the lab report here.



What Levels Should You Avoid?

EMF consultants in the United States typically recommend prudent avoidance of intentional transmitters, as well as any product that may not have been tested for unintentional emissions.